Dear Friends, 

Today is the day we will announce the winner in our contest "My reason to study".

First prize goes to the picture by Mitko Zhechev "Аз уча, защото..." and the amount of 600 BGN.

Second prize is for Yana Spasova and the photo "I want to study because I want to teach!" - 300BGN.

Third award is deserved by Joanna Miteva for "Think free" - 150BGN.

We are sorry to mislead you with the third place. It looks like at 10:00 /05.01.2016/ when the contest has finished officially the winner on third place was Joanna Miteva.

Because of the amazing work and extra push given, we decided to give one more prize - "Outstanding effort award", which goes to Nikolay Milyukov for his video "I love the gym, I love my body and I love to study biology" - 300 BGN.


We will get in touch with the winners!

To all the other participants - You were amazing!
See you soon on the next contest!

Keep sharing :)


My reason to study - Photo

GIILife Your story media!

GIILife challenges you!

Already got used to studying? Or you have never stopped learning?

When do you study- in the mornings when freshly awoken or you are a night owl and like the peace of the evenings?

What does learning mean to you? Duty, passion, a way of living? Why do you learn?

Challenge your imagination, grab your phone or camera and show us your vision. Give us the pic or video saying My reason to study.

The minimum length of the video needs to be 120 sec.

To participate you need to study, have been studying, or to have the intention to study. It doesn't matter if you are learning how to knit, to play the piano, defending your doctoral degree, or you are just struggling with the multiplication table.

The most liked video or pic WINS:
1st place - 600BGN
2nd place - 300BGN
3rd place- 150BGN


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