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"String your soul" Completed

Seven wonderful bands took part in the contest "String your Soul" 27 musicians in total. On 27 June at 9 pm the jury discussed and announced the results in the show Garage on Radio Z-Rock. It was as follows:

1) Full Circle
2) Extremum
3) DA Small Tragoediaz - DST и Vessels of Clay
4) Pyramid of Lies
5) Zippers
6) Key Vote

The vote of the jury was with 40% share and the votes of the audience on the GIILife webpage - with 60% share in the calculation. The final ranking is as follows:

I. Full Circle
II. Zippers
III. DA Small Tragoediaz - DST
IV. Extremum
V. Pyramid of Lies
VI. Vessels of Clay
VII. Key Vote


We are extremely thankful to all the great participants, for their time and work to create the beautiful songs. We wish them professional success and progress in their musical career! Have a lovely summer and see you in fall with your songs.



Hey, the time for announcing the winner is getting really close! The jury will discuss and share its vote next Monday (27th of June) after 21:00. Thanks to our media partner radio Z-Rock this will happen during the show for Bulgarian rock music "Garage". 
The winner will be chosen on air instead of after the concert. Since we prolonged the term of the contest we had to delay the concert, too. 

We will keep you posted on when the bands who participate will have the chance to perform on stage!
So stay tuned!



"String your soul" is with a new extended deadline! You asked for it and you are getting it! We want to give the chance to enter the competition to all of you who have fallen behind. Creativity can be sometimes oppressed by deadlines and we know it. This is why we give you additional 9 days to finalize your project and send it to us. Game is on! Ready to string our soul?

Okay, rock souls, time to hit the strings. Here at GIILife we know how passionate about music you can get and with that in mind, we have created the String Your Soul competition – a rock music duel where the best band will walk away with a cash price and something to brag about. We start on March 1st and give you a winning name in June. Here’s what you gotta do:

Ever heard “Awesome God”? The lyrics to the song are written by Rich Mullins and they are your starting point – you need to compose music for it and also to create a video of your own with your band. Wait, you don’t have one? Then band up on the spot! You should have at least 3 members in the band (yes, including you and yes, you can be more than 3!). After you’re sure you have made something amazing (we know you will), here’s what you have to do:

1. Every member of your band needs to register on Use your real names or nicknames;
2. You upload the video on YouTube as unlisted* – so that only we can see the clips in Round 1;
3. Your deadline is June 9th at midnight.                

You won’t be able to see what the other contestants did, at least not at first, but on the website we will upload tasty bits of information such as interviews with the participating bands and jury members. And then, we reach Round 2 of the contest. Here it gets really exciting, listen up.

On 10th June, the videos will be uploaded on the website, so that everyone can watch them and, more importantly, vote for them (voting is only possible after registration on our website). Voting will start on 10th June around noon. So send the link to all your friends, because they will have only 12 days to like your video. Until June 17th, the rating will not be shown, just to keep you on your toes, you know! The voting ends on June 22nd.

The bands with the most likes will then be invited to perform live on a stage in Sofia. The date, time and place will be announced later on on the website. This will be your chance to impress the jury face-to-face, but the likes from the website will also be important for the final decision.

Which won’t be an easy task to do, because we’re about to see lots of talent, we’re sure of it. But anyhow, here is the prize announcement: the big winner (and there will be only 1) will walk away with 5 000 leva at the end of the concert.

So you call your band right away and compose with wisdom, power and love, if we can paraphrase the lyrics of Rich Mullins. Good luck!

Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions and write to us here if you have any questions.

Z-Rock  radio is one of the media partners of GIILife's contest "String your soul"!


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